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How to Harvest Herbs to Keep them Growing Back!

Growing herbs in the comfort of your home is a great way to enjoy fresh flavors all year long! Two important things to remember when picking herbs; pinch before they start to flower and be very gentle! Herbs are delicate and you do not want to bruise your prized possession you worked so hard at growing!


Before you harvest: be sure to water your plants so the leaves can soak up that last bit of water to stay fresh longer.

When: Harvest right before your plants start to but flowers (also known as “bolting”), if a flower begins to grow, pinch it off immediately.

How: Pinch or cut each stem just above the second set of leaves. Cut the tips of each branch weekly, or cut the entire plant to just above the second set of leaves monthly.


Before You Harvest: Wait until the stems have 3 segments

When: Harvest continuously until your plant begins to yellow. Parsley will grow indoors all winter.

How: Cut from the base of the plant to encourage more growth. Cut leaves from the outer portions first so it can grow new leaves from the center.


When: Harvest just as the flower buds form for best flavors.

How: Cut just above the base of a set of leaves so the plant can grow new branches from the cut area.

Tip: Oregano is one of the only herbs that has a better flavor when it is dried than when it’s fresh!


When: Harvest cilantro roughly once a week to prevent bolting.

How: Choose a stem (not the center) and trim the whole stem down to the soil. Harvest the outer leaves first, so the newer, inner leaves can keep growing. Never harvest more than half your plant at a time.


When: Thyme is best harvested right before it blooms.

How: Cut the stems just before the growth node to increase growth and ensure a constant supply of fresh, delicious flavor.

Tip: Thyme can have soft or woody stems. Soft stems are best cut up and thrown into your recipe with the leaves, whereas woody stems should be removed.

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