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Want to Grow Onions?

Growing Onions are easy! Onions come as “sets” meaning a small approx. ¾” onion bulb is how you usually start out.

Below are some tips to get you started!

  • Dig a hole, slightly larger than the bulb itself.

  • Place onion bulb with the sprout side up into the hole, the top being no deeper than 1” from daylight.

  • Cover bulb with soil and water daily in an area with full sunlight.

  • An onion can look healthy but be very dry, so continue to water daily.

  • Onions of all varieties will grow similar, sprouting up through the ground, and eventually pushing the soil away, do not cover onion with soil once it is pushed aside from the growth process.

  • The longer you let the onion grow the larger it will get, but once it flowers, it must be picked, to prevent the flower from absorbing all the nutrients.

  • As the onion matures the tops (foliage) turn yellow and begin to fall, once they brown you can harvest your onion!

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